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Leather trays are handmade and functional accessories that hold everyday items with style. The material makes it easy to write or draw on. Leather can also be treated with fireproof or waterproof material for added durability.

FASHIM can make leather trays that meet the demands of your market in a variety of styles and expressions of art, such as modern or vintage. We excel in providing vintage trays due to their appeal. Our trays can also help you reach out to other markets and improve your brand’s quality.

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Leather Tray Ideas at FASHIM

Why Choose Leather as Tray Materials

Leather trays are handy accessories that people find easier to use when storing pocket change or jewelry. These trays are great because of the material’s long life and strength. They can hold as many items within their size without tearing down quickly. They are also cost-effective material and easily recyclable.

Vintage Style to Suit Clients' Target Market

We offer leather trays in a timeless vintage style that come in a variety of shapes, from squares to circles. They are good not only for a house but for your car and bedroom because of how they can easily hold spare change or keys. They are accessories worth having due to being able to hold small things like bolts and pennies and making them visible for you.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Leather Trays Manufacturer

We at FASHIM are a qualified leather trays manufacturer equipped with the latest technology to handle all your requests. With our team of designers and their experience in crafting high-end leather trays, we can make your ideas come to life Our experienced designers follow your requirements to the letter. When you present an idea or a drawing to us, our team can come up with on-trend leather trays as fast as possible. Partner up with FASHIM today!

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