Marble Tray Made by FASHIM

Marble trays are functional and elegant trays that can hold any item you put on it without tainting its polished surface. Marble is hard and does not easily break. It is also easy to clean and has a smooth surface that is good to touch.

FASHIM offers an array of marble trays that meet your customers’ demands and preferences. They express distinct art forms through different styles, such as modern or vintage trays. They are also good for your brand as they bring aesthetic value and improve brand recognition.

Marble Tray Ideas at FASHIM

Why Choose Marble as Tray Materials

Marble trays have been around for a long time and usually decorate the halls of classical manors. They are more than art because of the hardness marble possesses. The material also has an easy to clean surface that accepts any kind of polish. Above all, it is anti-scratch and waterproof. This helps to make marble trays both stylish and usable for any situation.

Various Styles and Shapes to Suit Clients' Target Market

The marble trays come in different shapes and sizes to suit your target market. You can get contemporary trays that fit the modern home while easy to customize to modern tastes. The retro trays can take visitors back to ancient times through their design. The minimalist trays are simple and work to add calmness to any home. They also come in different shapes, from circular to square, among others.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Marble Trays Manufacturer

FASHIM is a Chinese factory that uses state of the art equipment in producing marble trays. Our experienced designers are an effective team that can bring your ideas to life. We can take your drawings and make them into functional trays for your market. With our on-trend marble trays, we stay above the competition and deliver on the demands of the industry.

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