Metal Candle Holder Made by FASHIM

Metal candle holders are sleek and stylish in their own right, matching well with modern appliances and hardware. Customers choose metal holders for their heat resistance and protection from scratches.

FASHIM brings you different styles of metal candle holders that can fit any household and work for any customer’s needs. They can come in votive, taper and candelabra form to speak totally different expressions of art. The polish beauty of these candle holders can light up a room and make your brand memorable.

Metal Candle Holder Ideas at FASHIM

Why Choose Metal as Candle Holder Materials

Metal candle holders are a sturdy and elegant part of any dinner table. They can glow with the candlelight in the dark and make excellent side decorations overall. Metal such as stainless steel, possesses high strength, resistance to heat and cold and an easy to clean surface. These properties and more are why your customers can count on our candle holders.

Various Styles to Suit Clients' Target Market

Our candle holders come in a variety of styles and shapes to suit different markets. Your customers can choose from the well-polished and updated look of contemporary candle holders or stick to the classic appeal of the retro ones. When your customers have a diversity of choices, you will surely get more attention for your brand.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Decorative Metal Candle Holders Manufacturer

FASHIM is a Chinese manufacturer that uses state of the art equipment to provide the best metal candle holders around. We come with an experienced team of designers who can use your ideas to create innovative designs. Your brand will be carried over through our quality candle holders. Partner with us today!

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