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Metal vases are durable and classy to hold flowers fit for any occasion. Whether they are bought as housewarming gifts or home decorations, metal vases are in demand and come at competitive prices.

Modern or rustic art styles, FASHIM makes well-designed metal vases that your customers want. We also provide various finishes to our products so that they will be delivered as beautiful as can be. Our design team can make vases that reflect the awe-inspiring beauty of nature into your customers’ homes while helping them remember your brand quality.

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Metal Vase Ideas at FASHIM

Why Choose Metal as Vase Materials

Metal vases emphasize the beauty of the flower by hiding the stems in the bouquet. They are often known for their polished exterior and fit well in modern homes. Choosing stainless steel or other metal helps keep your products from breaking easily. Also, metal vases keep plants from drying up while making the vases usable for generations to come.

Various Styles and Shapes to Suit Clients' Target Market

We in FASHIM produce metal vases that come in different shapes and styles based on the demands of your market. Your customers can choose from expressive contemporary, nostalgic retro to quiet minimalist vases. Our vases can be worked into different shapes, such as cylinder vases that match tall flowers and bouquet vases that hold a full arrangement of flowers.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Decorative Metal Vases Manufacturer

FASHIM is a Chinese manufacturing factory that specializes in the crafting of metal vases. Our materials meet high requirements through frequent inspections, and skilled craftsmen remove traces of fingerprints before delivery. With the experience of our team of expert designers, we can produce on-trend metal vases for markets worldwide.

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