Wooden Tray Made by FASHIM

Wooden trays are useful in holding small objects for display. Wood is useful for making decorative trays because of its eco-friendly and recyclable properties.

FASHIM’s wooden trays come in different styles to meet the needs of your customers and match their interior design preferences. The styles reflect different expressions of art, such as modern or vintage. As a wooden tray manufacturer, FASHIM, aim to use our trays to make your brands sell to different markets.

Wooden Tray Ideas at FASHIM

Why Choose Wood as Tray Materials

Wooden trays are often used for home decoration or for serving drinks at dinners or visits. Most manufacturers use wood because of its renewability and strength. They require less energy to be manufactured and are preferred if you want something affordable and recyclable.

Various Styles and Shapes to Suit Clients' Target Market

We offer wooden trays that come in different shapes, such as squares or hexagons. Their styles can range from contemporary to retro to minimalist, each giving different effects to your customers’ households. Some contemporary trays have handles and emphasize utility over decoration. Retro trays are useful for putting antique objects. Minimalist trays can be put near drawers to hold jewelry.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Wooden Trays Manufacturer

FASHIM is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in the production of wooden trays. Our team of designers is experienced in making your demands into buyable products. You can give us ideas or drawings to get us started. Our aim is to produce on-trend wooden trays that meet the needs of every household.

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